Website updated by Sivututka

Website updated by Sivututka

June 14, 2017

Taksi Ahonen Ltd new website was made by Sivututka.

The site has been implemented as a responsive one, so it scales to suit all-sized screens. From the very beginning, the sidecar took our side of our side project. The layout of the site has been stylishly executed, with a little bit of renewing our brand, but on the other hand, the benefits already proven to be good. Taxi Ahonens’ Anssi Ahonen says.

Taxi Ahonen’s passenger transport is of premium quality. On the pages, we decided to continue the dark stylesline of the previous pages, where the black-and-white look is passed on to the quality impression. Major updates to new pages were easier to contact and improved security.

– Jussi from Sivututka

A mobile user has been introduced to the call / space car button easily available. In the modern times, it is important that you can order transportation with one click of a button. Also, the order form is user-friendly and can be accessed from several pages.

Time spent about 2.5 weeks for the entire site project, some of the old pages could be used, but some of them were entirely implemented with a new plan. The image was almost completely rebuilt and built to support the brand of Taksi Ahonen.

From the very beginning, the project had the goal of making new pages without leaving the job as quickly as possible from start to finish. With quick communication, the project progressed according to the promised 2-3 week schedule.

Anssi and Markku took good pictures of the cars for the pages, so in this case there was no need for photographers or image banks. This contributed to speeding up the website.

– Jussi from Sivututka

For us, it was important from the beginning of the project that our partner understands our business principles and knows exactly what requirements we want from the site. Right from the start, we were able to answer everything from the start. It is the kind of expertise we want. Anssi Ahonen says.

The color scheme of the site supports the brand of Taksi Ahonen, in addition, the new color has been brought in pale blue, which melts to the whole well. The color scheme of the site is clear and very neutral.

The desired dark color was sought to be contrasted by a color that would enliven the site and draw attention to the right places. The color was chosen as pale blue. Blue is generally associated with tranquility and intelligence. Both are features that everybody wants from their taxi driver.

I recommend Sivututka to anyone who wants to get a new, completely yours or your business-looking home page. Communication was natural and the service is professional and reliable. Anssi Ahonen finally sums up.


Taksi Ahonen is a family business from Jämsä, and it produces taxi, charter and tailored packet travel services for various customer groups. All services are high quality and topped off with detailed finishing touches.