Taxi Services

We have years of experience in taxi and space services from Jämsä, Jämsänkoski and Himos.

Accessible Taxi Services

Our order is equipped with a lift for carrying a wheelchair and with all the bands and cloths. The car can also be ordered with the car's own wheelchair.

Our order is equipped with scaffolding. We have Finnish Pensi Rescue bidders. A crosshair is used when the patient’s condition does not require hospitalization or the patient is unable to travel.

We are a member of the Finnish Association for Barrier-free and Discretionary Members, please visit

The agreement runs

We contract on transport to companies and the public sector, if your transport needs are constant, we recommend a flat-rate transport agreement, so you always ensure high-quality and reliable transportation.

The company transports

We serve companies in various types of passenger transport. We do, for example, Taxi services on a duty basis.

Postal service and small freight transport

Do you need reliable delivery from your door to door? Our courier service carries e.g. Various spare parts or medicines by express delivery (within normal driving times).

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Charter and package trips

Presentation by taxi or minibus

When you want to offer your guests, your customers or yourself the best. Our company offers representation in all car classes. Representation and VIP runs are carried out in non-commercial vehicles without tax IDs.

Airport transportation

Our sales service always insures the number of the outgoing and incoming flights when ordering. Therefore, we always transport our customers to the right terminal and we are at the right time.

Our drivers assist airport operations.

At our airport pickup, our driver is always in touch with a customer-marked sign.

Ordering tours by taxi and minibus

High quality subscription service for different needs.

We offer tailor-made services with years of experience always with the customer's equipment. We also have a private and paid parking space as well as a 16-seater minibus.

Whether you are traveling home or abroad, let us tailor your orderly group just for your group.

Package holidays

If necessary, we will arrange all the details related to your trip:

  • Visits, sightseeing tours
  • Accommodations
  • Ships, Trains, Flights or other extensions
  • Serving and dining; Along the way or at the destination
  • City tours and sightseeing, also with guidance
  • And much more.

Contact us to build a package that is right for you.

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